5 Craziest Travel Vacation Destinations

There are a lot of travel suggestions you can find from agencies, magazines, and online. But if you really want to try something different, then you should take a truly one-of-a-kind vacation.
Here are some of the craziest and fun vacation destinations you can take:

  1. Go to Weligama, Sri Lanka and swim with the blue whales. Patrick Dykstra came up with a once-in-a-life-time package good for eight nights, which you can avail at the Natural World Safari. This gives you a chance to spot, photograph and swim with the giant blue whales.
  2. Spend three nights on a luxury yacht around the Phulay Bay Ritz-Carlton Reserve for an incredible island hopping experience at the Similan Islands, Thailand.
  3. Talking about crazy, spend 11 nights on a North Korean tour. Tourists are closely watched, you will see a lot of military personnel, and witness grand statues of Kim.
  4. Sit at the center stage at the patio of Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas and then enjoy a luxury treat at a special gold box with 30-liter bottle of Champaign for a package worth $250,000.
  5. Experience the biggest publicly owned buffalo herd at South Dakota’s Buffalo Round trip and Arts Festival in Custer State Park.

Originally Posted here : 5 Craziest Travel Vacation Destinations | Glozine.com


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