South Korea Day 03 (Dongducheon, Camp Casey & Uijeongbu)

Gratefully Blessed

My brother picked us up during our 3rd day in Seoul, originally, we were planning to go hiking up Soyosan to get the “feel” of autumn. Plans changed due to the rainy weather.

From Myeongdong, we took subway line 4 all the way to Chang-dong then transferred to subway line 1 to wait for the train bound to Dongducheon. We stayed in their place and ate breakfast before heading out to the park for some photo opts.

IMG_1141 the serene beauty of the park near my brother’s place

IMG_1152 Mom with my two handsome nephews ^_^


IMG_1264 isn’t this lovely?

IMG_1272 the beauty of autumn! ❤

From Dongducheon, we went to Camp Casey via subway Line 1 (Bosan Station). We have to go through the visitor’s entrance and give them our passport and another valid ID. Camp Casey is the US Military base in South Korea which is near DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). We just went to buy…

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