Know Your Rights When You Are On A Shopping Holiday


The one thing I really miss about Australia is the country’s consumer protection law. In Australia, I can buy an item, find that it doesn’t meet the specified requirements, that it is a little faulty, or even, sometimes, when you change your mind, just bring the item back to the shop and request for a refund, and they would be obligated to give it to you. As long as they are able to restock the returned product to re-sell (in other words, you return it the same condition as it was purchased).

Sometime ago, I’ve had my girlfriend buy my a pair of jeans from USA. But it was way too small. So 3 years later, I took it back to America and to the Levi’s shop. Because it was a gift, I did not have the receipt. So I couldn’t get a refund. But the store was even OK…

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