Know Your Rights When You Are On A Shopping Holiday


The one thing I really miss about Australia is the country’s consumer protection law. In Australia, I can buy an item, find that it doesn’t meet the specified requirements, that it is a little faulty, or even, sometimes, when you change your mind, just bring the item back to the shop and request for a refund, and they would be obligated to give it to you. As long as they are able to restock the returned product to re-sell (in other words, you return it the same condition as it was purchased).

Sometime ago, I’ve had my girlfriend buy my a pair of jeans from USA. But it was way too small. So 3 years later, I took it back to America and to the Levi’s shop. Because it was a gift, I did not have the receipt. So I couldn’t get a refund. But the store was even OK…

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Creating a chronology of the Murrumbidgee River


And now for something a little different. In June and July this year,  I found myself at a conference on paleoclimate, landscapes, vegetation, humans and ended up bumping along dirt roads in a mini bus visiting many curious locations with a very interesting bunch of researchers. How old our our rivers and landscapes? How did climate change affect that landscape? Where did all the dust and water come from and where did it go? Below are some photos of two locations where researchers such as Page, Nanson and Price (1996) gathered dates showing five phases of paleochannel activity along the  Murrumbidgee area of the Riverine Plain of southeastern Australia. The first two phases suggest greater fluvial activity and reduced dust activity followed by seasonal snow melts and increased peak flows after the last Glacial Maximum and the build up of source bordering aeolian dunes. Finally the present flow regime was established around 12,000 years ago…

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Great Ocean Road Day 2 – Apollo Bay to Port Campbell

We Came to Alice for the Waters

After a good night’s sleep, we got up early to continue our vacation. Ashley walked along the beach and found several interesting shells and a handful of beach glass. After packing the car, we continued to drive west, into Great Otway National Park.

Our first stop was Maits Rest – a short hike through a rainforest studded with giant trees. It was nice and peaceful, especially as the undergrowth was full of giant ferns.

We next drove towards the Otway Lighthouse. The road there is well known for koalas, and there were lots of places to pull over and look. We found several spots with half a dozen hanging around, so we had a lot of fun taking pictures. One energetic koala slid halfway down his tree before deciding he liked it after all and climbed back up.

Melba Gully is another rainforest enclave, and we enjoyed this trek as…

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7 Lessons I Learned in Australia

Turquoise Compass

AustraliaAustralia is one of those places which provides travelers unlimited options to complete items on their bucket list. I was able to accomplish ample items on my 2014 bucket list in Australia, while discovering magnificent views that helped me to discover new things about myself. Traveling to one of my dream turquoise destinations while checking off items on my bucket list is a dream come true. I lived the ultimate dream; taking a year off from my job was so rewarding and such a learning experience. If I put my mind to something I can do anything. I learned so much about myself and the world.

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Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Peanut Butter and Mussels

After the excitement of seeing the Big Buddha, we decided that we needed to see 10,000 more!

hong kong23

A running theme of the visit was sexiness…


…and solid impersonations.


We also attracted some local fauna.


Almost there!


Still not bored of this meme.


Further solid, culturally-relevant impressions.


Made it!


Inside the main building, we got some sneaky photos.


Just in case you hadn’t had enough of gold buddhas…


More great impersonations.


Make sure you go up the pagoda!


Great views of Shatin.


Fun experience in the toilets with surprise monkeys!


If you’re into buddhas, this place is made for you.


Koi fish and terrapins!


Craig, not looking as happy as the Buddha.


Made it up to the Kwun Yum.


Finbar and I found my new home.

A lick of paint and a new door – job’s a goodun’ 😉


After some monkeys fighting overhead on our journey back down the opposite…

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